God Stories

God Stories

We all have a story to tell.  

God is living in us and working through us.  Each of us has a story developing.  Are you aware of it? Do you recognize His Story playing out in your life?

The God Story Team is working to discover and tell these stories.  We hope that as people tell their God story, others will recognize that God is also working in them and have a story to tell.  It may be a dramatic life change - or it may be a small step of obedience.  But by us telling our stories, we can glorify God and encourage each other to recognize God's hand in our lives - moving us to tell His Story.

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Most God stories will take one of two forms.
1. A story of personal transformation, where God has worked to change you from 'old' to a 'new creation'. i.e. I was _____ and because Christ is transforming me, I am _________.
2. An example where you have been aware of God's leading in your life, and you have acted on it therefore having an impact on someone else’s life and being a blessing to others.