Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Our Goal

Paseo del Rey Church desires for it's Student Ministry to enable students to know, love, trust, and share Jesus Christ. This is done through sound biblical teaching, discipleship, and service so that they may treasure Jesus daily, be able to share His work in their lives with others, and understand how to develop a Gospel-centered worldview.


Gathering Times:

Unveiled Student Ministry Meeting Times


Unveiled Student Ministry
Unveiled Student Ministry’s (jr. and sr. highers) mid-week ministry meets at Paseo del Rey Church in room 202 on Wednesdays from 7-9pm.

Current Mid-Week Series: Ephesians 
January - April 2018

"Successful, smart, attractive, athletic, friendly, spiritual, put together" … What do you want other people to say about you - when you aren’t there? 

We are all concerned with our image - our identity - who we are. From shifting cultural norms, a hyper-sexualized media, an addiction to material wealth, and an ever growing push for academic success, we are all in search of the answer to the question, “Who Am I?”

What if instead of focusing on what we want to be known by or for, we looked to God for an answer? What if instead of letting ads, social media and those around us define us we let God answer for us? 

In the Epistle to the Ephesians, Paul writes the words “in Christ” once every four verses (36 times!). The truth of being connected to Jesus doesn’t primarily change what we do, but who we are. God wants to redefine our identities (who we are) - and that will guide us toward our activities (what we do). In Christ, you are blessed - joy won’t come outside of Jesus, no matter how much we distract ourselves with gadgets. In Christ you are appreciated and heard, so don’t be impressed with the first boy who wears cologne and asks you to the movies. In Christ, you are called gifted and made ready for a cause worth giving your life to - you don’t need to be in special forces. In Christ, you are united and adopted into a family, cared for more deeply than you could have ever dreamed. Like frantically looking for the car keys that were in our pockets the whole time, we don't have to freak about our identity - Jesus has settled that for us!

Let’s not settle for our own definitions of who we are, or constantly be at the mercy of what others think of us. Let’s draw near to Christ, and hear His life-giving answers to the question, “Who Am I?”



In line with our mission of transforming people into fully devoted followers of Jesus, Unveiled Student Ministry (middle school - high school) seeks to create fun, engaging and safe environments so students can have a growing relationship with Jesus and connect with each other.  Sunday mornings during our 10:35am worship service, we will meet in room 202 (upstairs classroom) for a time of breakfast, worship, teaching and age/gender appropriate small groups. 

Contact us if you have any questions.  Church office, 421-7733 or Carlo Gucilatar, or Fred Dominguez,