Good News for Rwanda, Good News from Rwanda

by Gary Bowman on January 15th, 2017

Thank you for praying for the beautiful yet broken people of Rwanda.

Like all of us, they are in need of a rescuer. Unlike me and most of you, they have been greatly traumatized and many continue to suffered emotionally and their daily lives are not easy.

Paseo del Rey Church is joining what Jesus, the Rescuer is doing in Rwanda!

Clean Water and Living Water

Vestine.JPGIn November, our church, Paseo del Rey, built 200 clean water filters in cooperation with our good friends 20 Liters and Rwanda World Relief. Water borne diseases are the leading cause of death of children under 5 in the world!

This past Friday I had the joy of helping do final assemble and distribute a couple of our filters to vulnerable families—bringing clean water and Living Water to these people.

Rejoice wth this single mom, Vestine and her four children who were one of those families. God has not forgotten these children of His; I thank the Lord Paseo del Rey hasn't either. You are His hands and feet near and far.





Training Rwandan Pastors to study and preach God’s Word

Innocent.JPGFor the past 3 years we have been serving side by side with a group of 14 Rwandan pastors and elders, helping them grow in careful study, understanding, and preaching of God’s word. Our pastors in turn are teaching others in their towns and villages the bible study skills they are learning! This work has been in partnership with our Evangelical Free Church’s Pathways Ministry.

This is our final training week, January 16-20. The pastors and leaders are applying the principles they have been learning the last 3 years to preach through the book of Colossians!

Next Saturday, January 21 we will have a graduation ceremony and banquet for the pastors along with most of their spouses, celebrating their diligent and sacrificial work.

It’s been great seeing pastors like Innocent (left in photo) grow in study, clarity and application of God’s word.


Please pray for our training. Pray that we will keep our fingers in the biblical text, pray for the village churches these men serve, and pray for joy in God’s working in their lives.

Following the Pathways Training, I’ll be stopping in England on my way home to lead a Pathways training for some pastors (and laypeople) who are interested in perhaps being part of our team among another group of African pastors in days to come.

May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. May the nations be glad and sing for joy. Psalm 67

Thankful for your prayers that Rwandans will know God loves them and has not forgotten, and that you remember them too,

Pastor Gary