This Sunday

Two Worship Gatherings - 9:00 &10:35 a.m.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


If our “God” is only slightly smarter, or just a little bigger, or just barely nicer than we are, how will we worship Him for all He’s worth? How will we trust Him when what we thought was secure tumbles? How will we find our security, significance or power to change and grow if He’s just a slightly superior God?

The God of heaven and earth, the God of the bible wants to rescue us from our individual hunches and misdirected and misguided self-constructions of who He really is. Journey with us in God’s Word where He reveals Himself as He really is, discovering God who is strong enough to carry us through every worry and crisis of life; who is majestic beyond our wildest imaginations and worthy of all our worship and enjoyment; and who is wrathful and graceful and magnanimous, welcoming us sinners into His family. Join us as we Know, See and Savor God. 


KIDS - Children's Ministry classes are available during both worship gatherings for children through 6th grade.

YOUTH - Please visit the Student Ministry page for more information.

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