What is the Paseo Pathway?

The Paseo Pathway is the method that we use at Paseo for making new disciples. We feel that disciples are made and shaped through the Spirit of God using the Word of God within the meaningful, generous relationships in the Family of God. We use each Pathway Study to guide our personal study of scripture and time in prayer and then we gather each week in Growth Groups to share what God has been teaching us in the study. The Groups are vital for the effectiveness of the Pathway Study as we hear what the Spirit of God has to say to us through our our fellow group members. The Groups encourage, share with, pray for, and serve one another along the Pathway of Discipleship.

Our Current Pathway Study

Understanding The New Testament

Growth comes by constant use of the word of God. Too many people who profess faith in Christ are stuck in spiritual infancy from the lack of using the word of God in their lives (lack of studying it, understanding it, obeying it). Often we neglect scripture because of time and distraction and a lack of discipline. (Take time to pray now that God will bless you with the discipline to pursue Him in scripture!) And then, when we finally do open up the Bible to pursue God, we often don’t understand what we are reading. Join us as we study the major themes and storylines of the New Testament and how they shape the Christian faith.

Download The Current Study

Bible Project Overview of the New Testament