Helping each other take the next step of obedience to Christ.


Each week on the pathway you will be asked to meet with God on your own through Scripture reading and journaling. This may be a completely new practice for you, so be patient. Picture it like a daily time to sit down and chat with God. He will speak to you through scripture and His Spirit, and you will speak to him through your prayers and response.

At the end of each week you’ll gather with your friends and have meaningful conversations about your time in scripture and what God has impressed upon you. Your group’s leader will have questions to help guide these conversations, but this is not meant to be used like a teacher and a classroom. Remember, this is all about relationships.

The main point is to focus on what God is saying through scripture and how he wants to use that to affect change in your life. In particular, how can what you’ve been reading deepen your love for God and others?

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Current Pathway Study

The Gospel-Centered Community
The Gospel-Centered Community

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Weekly Meeting Plan

  • Introduction
  • Gospel Overview
  • Lesson 1 – Created for Community
  • Lesson 2 – How Community Shapes Us in the Gospel
  • Lesson 3 – How the Gospel Shapes Community
  • Lesson 4 – Faith Working Through Love
  • Stories – Tell your Gospel stories with Jesus as the Hero
  • Lesson 5 – A Joyful Community
  • Lesson 6 – A Humble Community
  • Lesson 7 – An Honest Community
  • Lesson 8 – A Grace-Filled Community
Week 6
  • Lesson 9 – A Missional Community
  • Stories – Tell your Gospel stories with Jesus as the hero
Week 7
  • Share a feast together.  Have everyone bring something of importance to them from their childhood or culture.  At dinner have, each person share why they brought their dish and what it means to them.