Our Vision


At the heart of our vision is the deep desire to see DISCIPLES OF JESUS making DISCIPLES OF JESUS throughout our city.  Discipleship comes in all shapes and sizes, but its goal is simple: to help others love, follow, and serve Jesus more deeply and fully.

Through our Growth Groups and the Paseo Pathway, Discipleship Workshops, Bible Studies, Paseo Kids, and Paseo Students, we seek to empower Disciples to make new Disciples.  The result is transformational both to the new disciple and to the city around them as they begin to serve and love others as Jesus serves and loves us.  Each week people will have the opportunity to engage in Discipleship environments and to plug into ways to serve our city.

To understand more about our approach to Discipleship, check out the Paseo Pathway.


Every movement of God needs Spirit-led leaders, but, according to Jesus, leaders in the Kingdom of God are servants.  They don’t lord their leadership over others, they serve; and in so doing, they create environments for others to experience the grace and love of Jesus. Leadership isn’t about charisma, it’s about heart for God and a willingness to do what is necessary to enable others to know God as well.

Through trainings, internships, and mentorships we aim to build up willing followers of Christ into servant leaders who will give themselves to creating Jesus environments for others.  Each month people will have the opportunity to receive deeper training


God has chosen the church to be the avenue through which he incarnates and spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The first thing God did after Jesus left this earth was to start his church and fill it with his Spirit and purposes. And we think the church is still God’s plan to reach the world.  The Gospel is meant to be more than heard as a message but experienced embodied in the loving community of Jesus followers.

Because of today’s fast-paced, lonely culture we think the most needed form of church is a smaller, highly relational, discipleship driven, diverse church where people can become a meaningful part of a Jesus Community.  We desire to raise up disciples and leaders to plant relational, neighborhood churches across Chula Vista to embody the Gospel throughout our city.  We are praying that through us God would create a family of churches working together for his glory and purpose.